Get Started

Start and Using MellowGlyph

Welcome to MellowGlyph. Setup will complete as the speed of light.

Download and Setting

  1. Download MellowGlyph component file.
  2. Unzip and move to "MellowGlyph" folder in your project.
  3. In the <head> tag of your HTML, reference the location to your mellowglyph.min.css.
    <link rel="stylesheet" href="path/to/MellowGlyph/css/mellowglyph.min.css">
  4. Setup is complete. Enjoy!

HTML Sample

MellowGlyph is super easy to use.
In your HTML file, Markup the <i> tag with CSS classes of MellowGlyph. Then the icon will be displayed.

<i class="mg mg-angle-up"></i>
<i class="mg mg-diffusion-alt"></i>
<i class="mg mg-check-circle-o"></i>
<i class="mg mg-search-plus"></i>
<i class="mg mg-gear"></i>
<i class="mg mg-football"></i>
<i class="mg mg-github-alt"></i>
<i class="mg mg-pulse mg-exclamation-circle-o"></i>

Want to know more? Check out the icons or examples.